Amazon’s new Kindle

The new Kindle from Amazon is just Rs. 5999 now! Sure, it doesn’t have the paper-white display of the Paperwhite (duh!) or the in-built light, but this is superb value for an eBook reader. Combined with Amazon’s eBook library, this should be an awesome device for those who love to read.

One of the dangers of the Kindle is how you start binge-reading (like binge-viewing). Equally bad, I must say. I lost a month and a half to The Game of Thrones book series. Honestly, what I’m more worried about is whether I will end up reading the whole series again when the last book in the saga is released. Umm, looks like there’s gonna be one more book after the last one. Yup, I’m definitely losing another 2 months of my life, but surely not within the next 5 years going by that article!

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