Interesting stuff : May 8th

Sticky note mayhem!

Wow! Just Wow!

EepyBird’s Sticky Note experiment from Eepybird on Vimeo.

Interesting stuff : May 5th

Interesting stuff : May 4th

  • Hangerpak – Great packaging that transforms a container into a hanger as well!
  • Beauty Water – Some amazing packaging of water, beautiful illustrations on the bottle.
  • IdeaPaint – Transform any wall into a whiteboard just by using a paint. Marvelous!
  • WSJ: Apple moving into chip design – Apple has hired many chip design specialists. Looks like the next generation of Apple products are going to be even better.

MacBook macros

Display notch

Ever since I’ve got the 2008 Unibody aluminium MacBook, I’ve wanted to take real close-up photos of it, showcasing its design and engineering. Shockingly, no one seems to have done that till now. Unfortunately, to get really close, you need macro lenses, or their cheap substitute, extension tubes. I went with the latter, ordering off a cheap set from DealExtreme.

I also grabbed an even cheaper remote shutter release and took some macro photos of the MacBook. This time, I’ve uploaded them on flickr instead of the usual place. Click here to see all the photos.

Interesting stuff : April 28th

Interesting stuff : April 27th

Interesting stuff : April 23rd

Interesting stuff : April 22nd

Flight Control does it right

Since the past week, me, my wife and at times people around have become gaming addicts. I’m a Fieldrunners and Lux enthusiast and she likes games like Trism and Bejeweled. But the game in question is Flight Control, a relatively new game for the iPhone. By Firemint, an Australian studio, Flight Control puts you in the role of an air traffic controller who has to get 4 types of aircraft on their respective landing areas. Touch the aircraft and drag them to their landing zone, making your own flight path.


In fact, Flight Control can be a case study in what makes an amazing game. Here’s why –
– Simple idea – get the planes on the ground.
– Fantastic use of the iPhone’s touch capabilities. Touch and drag for a free-form flight path.
– Sweet graphics and music.
– Progressive difficulty.


The simple idea, brilliant execution and progressive difficulty gives it any time, all time re-playability. The low price of $0.99 just makes it unmissable. Judging on the basis of its genre, it has to be the best game for the iPhone platform – because it gets anyone to play it. Continuously.